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Workforce Management: Keep an eye on your employee attendance, absences & analytics

Time & Attendance

Do you want better insights into how your employees spend their time at work and the ROI of their work time?

Manage with Cegid PeopleNet each employee’s actual overtime and absence incidents based on what they are supposed to comply with according to their role within the organization and their work calendar schedule. This way, comparing the actual time spent to their scheduled times allows you to spot the differences and adjust for them in payroll calculation.

  • Plan your employees’ working hours
  • Organize your employees’ work calendars: their workdays, free days, holidays, etc.
  • Define calendars which can be assigned to specific countries, work centres, or employee roles.
  • Compare employees’ scheduled working hours with their actual calendar data


Instant insights in real time to manage your company’s time & attendance data


Monitor all sorts of employee absenteeism

Absence Management

Do you need immediate, real-time access to leave and absence information for your department?

The Cegid PeopleNet module lets you manage absence entitlements granted to employees, such as for holidays or personal matters. It enables organizations to flexibly define different behaviours between countries and groups.

  • Define the company’s different absence schemes and assign them individually or massively
  • Organize your employees’s work according to working days, free time, holidays, etc.
  • Calculate the duration of absences in hours and days
  • Absences reporting and analysis

Workforce Analytics

Do you spend too much time analysing data? Would you like an integrated system with in-built analytics to support decision making?

With the Cegid PeopleNet Analytics fast track decision-making with workforce KPIs, processes and transactions all linked together in intelligent processes. Simplify daily work and decisions of your HR professionals and managers—let them access dashboards or create new ones in a snap with this intuitive and easy-to-use multidimensional tool. This tool also makes relevant suggestions through these dashboards, putting forward paths of analysis and different actions to support decisions. Such proactivity reduces the time managers spend on analysing information and decisions. Combined with a next-generation graphical interface, it is the tool for tomorrow’s managers.

  • Proactive analytical tools, fully integrated processes and transactions
  • Intelligent dashboards and multidimensional navigation
  • Analytical maps, smart filters, graphics
  • A dynamic and captivating interface that makes the user’s work easier
  • Suggestions and decision-making prompts from each analysis


Monitor all kinds of staff absences

Why choose the
Cegid Meta4 solution?


  • One single integrated solution
  • One single staff record
  • Common HR policies
  • Global and local legislation

Simple Configuration

  • Designed to match your corporate brand
  • Personalised workspaces
  • Configurable processes
  • Reduced learning curve


  • Innovative interface
  • Minimal clicking
  • Auto-complete fields
  • Filters can be configured by users

Technical Support

  • Global cloud-based platform
  • Rapid software development
  • Security framework
  • Data and application back-ups

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