Meta4 Recruitment: Attract the best talent through our all-in-one technology solution


Manage your recruitment processes with an integrated  solution and transform your candidates into brand ambassadors

Post job offers with maximum visibility:
Across several countries, across several platforms

Lay the foundations right from the onset of the process and make it even easier for your organization to recruit engaged workers who believe in your company. During this stage, it’s essential that managers can easily and autonomously post their job offers.

  • Develop your employer branding with personalized and intuitive job boards
  • Automate the entire recruitment process
  • Post job offers on all social networks and in different locations
  • Post job offers in your employer and manager portals.

Attract candidates inside and outside your organization

Use the best tools to find the best talent and start posting job offers and interact with candidates. To do this, ask yourself questions… What’s the best way to write a job offer? What keywords should I to use? Where should I post it?

  • Create attractive job postings for candidates
  • Maintain fluid communication with candidates throughout the process
  • Make the process as accessible as possible (simple forms, LinkedIn integration, etc.).

Screen your candidates intelligently

Our screening function lets you analyse which candidates are being added to the process, establish their background and define their profile… You’ll be able to decide which candidates to keep in the process and constantly improve the way you advertise vacancies.

  • Filter candidates using a powerful screening tool with over 20 different criteria, such as “name”, “status”, “mobility”, “experience”, etc.
  • Identify the candidates who best suit your vacancy and corporate culture

Actively monitor all open processes

As recruitment is an ongoing procedure, it’s essential to continuously monitor all open processes and to be in constant communication with candidates. It’s also ideal if you can do this through all the different channels available.

  • Actively monitor all stages of the selection process
  • Stay in constant communication with candidates
  • Receive constantly updated information on the status of various processes

Speed up the integration of new employees through onboarding

Studies show that employees who go through an onboarding process remain longer at their company. This tool will also help you save time on bureaucratic procedures and increase productivity. New employees can get started with all the preliminaries before joining the company.

  • Newcomers can meet their future colleagues before day 1
  • Newcomers become familiar with the company’s corporate culture before starting
  • Candidates can can get ahead with processing their documentation
Photo Screen Recruitment Software onboarding module

Measure the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy

Meta4 is investing heavily into the development of analytical tools, as these have become a key factor for all HR processes, including recruitment. Our analytical tools let you measure both traditional recruitment indicators and the new Inbound KPIs, such as “a candidate’s degree of match to the profile”.

  • Recruitment costs
  • Retention of new employees per manager
  • Identify and track candidates who have the potential to become brand ambassadors