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Meta4 takes in 72 millon euros in revenues with a 22% increase from Cloud HR and Payroll Solutions


  • In 2018 Meta4 made 72 million euros, 8% more than 2017, achieving record revenues yet again.
  • Sales in Meta4 cloud solutions for HR and payroll have grown by 22%, which represents more than 50% of the group’s total revenue.
  • The multinational has hired 90 more employees in Spain, adding to the workforce of over 1,000 employees worldwide.

Madrid, 21st March 2019. – Meta4, a world-class leader for human and intellectual capital management (HICM) announces the financial results of the last fiscal year. The Spanish technology multinational has again attained record revenues of 72 million euros, which represents an 8% increase over the last year. The company has successfully met its set objectives for yet another year, thanks to the 22% increase in revenues from its line of Cloud HR and Payroll solutions which already represent over 50% of the group’s total revenue.

Over the last financial year, Meta4 signed 55 new operations, thus proving good market reception of its specialized offer of cloud solutions for HR and Payroll management designed to make it easier for companies to rapidly implement Talent Management processes.

mentioning are: Hermanas Hospitalarias, a well-known Spanish congregation present in 5 countries and with 7,000 employees in Spain; the Hesperia hotel group comprising of 28 hotels in the main cities and tourist destinations in Spain and Andorra and with an average of more than 3,000 employees; Ribera Salud Grupo, a health care management business group and the only Spanish company specializing in the development of public-private collaboration initiatives with 5,000 employees; Binter Canarias, an airline with more than 1,500 employees; and Dascher, a leading German logistics company with more than 3,000 employees.


in Spain, adding to the 1,000-strong workforce that the company has worldwide and to over 500 employees in Spain, where their R&D and innovation centre with 150 professionals is located.

Of these 90 new hires, 56% are under 30 years of age and reflect Meta4’s pledge to make it easier for young talent to access the labour market. Moreover, 55% of these joined the Cloud HR business which is the main driver behind the company’s growth over recent years.


Bearing testimony to relentless commitment to innovation, the Spanish technology company has launched a series of initiatives focused on supporting start-ups that are concentrating their business on assimilating the latest technology trends in the market into the HR field, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotization and Automation (RPA), or Big Data. This will undoubtedly cause profound changes in the way talent is managed in next few years.

Additionally, with the aim of strengthening its Cloud HR solutions and services, Meta4 will be launching a catalogue of specific solutions targeted to facilitating the digital transformation of HR and that also harnesses the latest technology trends in the market.

Carlos Pardo, the CEO of Meta4 for Iberia and Latin America declares, “Our good results prove that technology has become indispensable for enabling in-depth knowledge on employees to improve their work experience and for anticipating solutions to talent management problems. Our company’s great capacity for execution and reliability assures success for any organization that needs to manage talent with agility, in line with the new challenges of the current digital climate.”