Project Description


Hesperia Hotels & Resorts endorses the Meta4 cloud solution for payroll management and personnel administration


  • The hotel chain acquires the Meta4 cloud solution for managing payroll and personnel administration for 1,300 employees spread across their 27 hotels.

Madrid, 4th July 2019. – Meta4, Madrid, 4th July 2019. –The well-known hotel chain Hesperia Hotels & Resorts has chosen the Meta4 cloud solution to manage personnel administration and payroll processes for approximately 1,300 employees with an average volume of 4,000 payslips per month, as well as to manage their central services for the group’s labour relations.

The Meta4 cloud solution is best suited to the particularities of running Hesperia Hotels & Resorts, which has a portfolio of 27 hotels and specific management needs, such as high-volume recruitment for extra staff during peak periods, termination settlements, and advance payment management, provincial and internal agreements for several hotels, high decentralization, and more.

With the Meta4 cloud solution, Hesperia Hotels & Resorts will have a tool that enables them to foster collaboration and communication among their employees, hotels and central HR services on a single platform for data entry and information management in the hotels, as well as for recording incidences, hire requests, etc.

Moreover, the Meta4 solution will allow the hotel chain to make arrangements properly with official organisms paying special attention to daily relations, a key aspect in the process, as well as to minimize the administrative load. Both are fundamental for delivering reliability and quality in HR management in addition to facilitating decision-making and alignment with the company’s business objectives and strategy.

For Carlos López-Martín Heras, Head of HR at Hesperia Hotels & Resorts, “Meta4’s technology solution is yet another example of Hesperia’s pledge to investing in new technology tools, and it will enable us to define service procedures and provide support for the specific needs of our business which operates 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.”

“For us it is a privilege to be able to accompany leading companies, such as Hesperia Hotels & Resorts, and address their needs for human capital management in a sector as competitive and dynamic as the hotel one,” explains Carlos Pardo, CEO of Meta4 Iberia and Meta4 Latin America.