An onboarding process puts into practice a set of initiatives for fast tracking and facilitating the integration of new employees into the corporate culture. Companies are usually quite aware of the value of conducting a meticulous recruitment process and go to great lengths to find the best candidate. Nevertheless, as soon as a candidate is hired, often there is no proper follow through to make sure that the new person smoothly integrates into the organization. Consequently, this leads to a high risk of early talent loss.

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Research suggests that employees get about 90 days to prove themselves in a new job.

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New employees who went through structured onboarding were 58% more likely to be with the organization after THREE YEARS.
The Wynhurst Group.

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of new hires are LOST to the average company during their first THREE MONTHS.
HBR, 2017

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Best in class companies are 35% more likely to begin onboarding processes BEFORE DAY ONE.

“The faster new hires feel welcome and prepared for their jobs, the faster they will be able to successfully contribute to the firm’s mission”

The Meta4 Onboarding module meets the needs that organizations have for automating the entire employee integration process and for offering the best employee experience to their future workers. It simplifies administrative paperwork and ensures legal compliance, in addition to lowering the associated costs and freeing up resources, so they can focus on tasks of greater value. Moreover, it cuts the time the employee requires to get up to speed and become productive.


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The employee can access all their own personal information and edit it according to their needs: name, address, contacts, marital status, nationality, personal website, identity documentation, emergency contacts, dependencies, bank accounts, and more. The employee is empowered with complete control over CV information: academic record, languages, previous jobs, certifications, courses, subscriptions, and more.


This speeds up document processing and safeguards compliance with the laws in force. This means that the new employee can turn up on the first day of work with all the right administrative paperwork already done. Right from the very first minute, the employee can immediately focus on the job and ramp up to productivity. Similarly, the organization can oversee and manage strict observance of all the latest legal and regulatory protocols and procedures related to their business.

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The new employee can get ahead with the integration process by getting to know and conversing with future work colleagues.
The first day on the job will be easier and pleasanter when the employee is already familiar with the colleagues in the department.

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Anticipate career development needs for employees and give them access to training and development actions right from the first minute. This contributes towards transmitting and improving the company’s image by how it takes care of employees.


This console aggregates all the conversations held with different people during the onboarding process, making it easier for the employee to find and recover relevant information.

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  • Cost savings and resources optimization
  • Digitalization
  • Improved employer branding


  • Simplified and automated administrative paperwork
    Improved employee experience
  • Increased hired employee retention and engagement


  • Reduced curve for integration into the company
    Simplicity and usability
  • Better employee experience on the job.
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