Opt for the performance of the Cegid Cloud

  • Une architecture innovante, industrielle et performante

    An innovative, high-performance industrial architecture

  • 200 000 utilisateurs du SaaS Cegid

    200,000 Cegid Cloud users


Go faster, be more flexible

Simplify your processes, create new services rapidly, easily expand your connected ecosystem...only Cloud applications will allow you adapt your organization and satisfy new user demands quickly, without increasing the load on your internal resources.
Cegid Cloud resources can be rapidly interconnected according to needs and offer superior functions compared to traditional applications.


Simplify and secure your data sharing

The Cegid Cloud simplifies all your data sharing. Your information is easily accessible wherever and whenever you need it. It also opens up new routes for fully secure collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners. You reduce the need to export your data, eliminate multiple emails with attachments and prevent the uncontrolled disclosure of your information. You ensure the integrity of data access in all circumstances.


Speed up innovation

Because innovations appear first in the Cloud, you can anticipate multiple developments and become more competitive. For example, the new Cegid Cloud solutions include an Artificial Intelligence engine to automate routine tasks with a high degree of reliability, thereby making best use of all your data.

Upgrade easily

Our specialized support is designed to facilitate and accelerate the process of migrating your data and applications to the Cegid Cloud.

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Velatia – WorldVision International – Rivera Salud – Living Waters – Siemens – Colgate