7 benefits of the Cloud

We support your journey towards modernization

  • Our clients enjoy specialized support for peace of mind and security thanks to continuity in their day-to-day activities
  • Rigorous methods based on Lean Six Sigma secure and structure the migration process.
  • A close relationship through every step of the migration journey, to organize the transfer of your data and logs and give users the keys to take full advantage of SaaS innovations.
  • A multidisciplinary team specialized in migration projects activates these conversions, under the leadership of the Migration and Migration Process Directors: Assembly Managers, Migration Consultants, Migration Program Manager.

Why choose Cegid Cloud?

  • 50 services Clouddélivrés/an pour 6univers métiers dans 75 pays

    50 Cloud services delivered every year to 6 industries in 75 countries

  • 400 démarrages clients/mois en moyenne

    Average of 400 client launches/month

  • 200 000 utilisateurs SaaS Cegid

    Over 1 million databases managed simultaneously

  • + 17 000 clients du SaaS Cegid

    1 PB of data stored