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Establish and maintain an efficient and sound
compensation and benefits strategy


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Compensation: Retain your employees
with the right remuneration and benefits


Define salary ranges for every position

Cash Compensation

Design compensation policies and packages to reward different employees systematically and competitively

Cegid PeopleNet enables the design and implementation of compensation policies aligned with the company strategy and budget.

This module ensures all employees are paid according to your established policies, taking into account the market value of a position, its internal value and productivity.

  • Automatically create salary structures: grades, salary bands or levels of progression
  • Update existing structures to reflect changes in market conditions
  • Salary levels by job
  • Analyse salary competitiveness in the organization compared to the market
  • Update the compa-ratio matrix and establish internal equity according to salary structure
  • Define base and variable compensation plans
  • Create and assign market surveys (market salary rates)
  • Assign jobs to salary levels within a specific structure
  • Assign budgets en masse
  • Set indicators for salary increases: merit, compa-ratio, and budget

Benefits and Flexible Benefits

Design and offer attractive benefits and perks for greater employee loyalty

Cegid PeopleNet can completely manage flexible compensation plans and employee benefits in a structured manner. It does this in two ways: at the payroll calculation and taxes level and at HR level.

This system is critical to the compensation strategy in organizations as it contributes towards improving competitiveness and secures loyalty from employees.

  • Define corporate benefit plans or by group benefits (health insurance, life insurance, disability, etc.)
  • Simulate enrolment to benefit plans
  • Determine which employees are eligible for certain benefits through a combination of eligibility criteria and rules.


Make your company more competitive
and boost employee loyalty

Why choose the
Cegid Meta4 solution?


  • One single integrated solution
  • One single staff record
  • Common HR policies
  • Global and local legislation

Simple Configuration

  • Designed to match your corporate brand
  • Personalised workspaces
  • Configurable processes
  • Reduced learning curve


  • Innovative interface
  • Minimal clicking
  • Auto-complete fields
  • Filters can be configured by users

Technical Support

  • Global cloud-based platform
  • Rapid software development
  • Security framework
  • Data and application back-ups

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