We’re always striving for excellence

Our clients inspire and drive us to keep working daily to improve our SaaS platform

Orientados al cliente

Enfoque global y local

Customer-Centric Focus

We firmly believe in going the extra mile to achieve more personal  customer care for  clients and users

Our clients
as strategic partners

Working together we become jointly responsible for the end-to-end service experience.

Our passion for HR technology shapes how we work closely with our customers as partner. It lets us jointly innovate and improve HR processes as needs grow and change to our mutual benefit. Our customer-centric focus goes beyond delivering the ideal HR solution for you now; it must remain ideal into the future too.

In constant
communication with users

We actively listen to our users and identify their needs

At Meta4, we actively listen to our customers’ voice and identify their needs. This means we regularly engage with the user community, encouraging them to open up and participate in an interactive dialogue with us. This way users share their concerns, so we can act accordingly and keep everyone happy.

You talk,
we listen and act

We guide our clients through the entire implementation process

We keep in touch with our clients constantly and both of us embark on this journey together. Your business updates will be smoothly reflected in your own cloud HR applications. Our platform is simple to use, clear and transparent for all users. In parallel, you benefit from continuous technology improvements.

never stops working for you

Our support service is available
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Meta4 is tireless in its commitment to our customers, who always get the help they need anytime and anywhere. Our Meta4 technology delivers true 24*7*365 support, the kind that allows you to get on with your business—safeguarding your HR application at all times.