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Organization Management

With constant transformation today, organizations need an agile system to manage these changes

Cegid PeopleNet is completely flexible for companies who want to design their own organization model with the tools provided and view the organization based on the way their work is structured.

The solution offers total flexibility for designing the organizational model, setting up hierarchical and functional relationships between different members of work groups and dynamically reflecting changes in the way the organization evolves.

The solution also enables access to service providers who maintain business activity with the organization. It allows you to enter information on external entities.

  • Flexibly define and manage work units, work places, jobs and positions graphically
  • Automatically create jobs and positions
  • Quickly search and view the org chart of all levels
  • Manage how positions are valued
  • Determine the objective value and relative value of each position
  • Contribute to creating career plans
  • Rapidly change the geographical and functional structure of the organization
  • Move employees, branches and entire divisions easily
  • Changes updated immediately in all the work unit-based business rules
  • Manage budget allocation, comparisons and evolutions
  • Immediate updates to reflect changes in the structure of work units
  • View organizational changes in the present, retrospectively or simulate future ones, and how the organization evolves over time


Flexibility in designing your organization to better adapt, respond and react to changes


Make the data work for you and facilitate every major people-related management decision

Personnel Administration

Collect accurate data on your workforce and transform personnel information into strategic advantage

Personnel Administration in Cegid Meta4 PeopleNet is person-centric; it identifies the person as the true protagonist in the organization and acknowledges the individual’s key attributes as the basis for management: the role played, the competencies/skills, and relationships with other people.

The global person directory stores information on all individuals that have something to do with the organization. This Cegid Meta4 directory is the base for this Personnel Administration module and offers a snapshot of all kinds of relationships an individual may have with the organization.

  • Manage data on all people who interact with the organization
  • Global management of individuals: global information adapted to local legislations available
  • Manage multiple groups or collectives: staff, external partners, retirees, etc.
  • Historical information associated to a unique single identifier per person
  • Details of the any employee’s contract and job at any time
  • Manage internal mobility of an employee, change in position, role, etc.
  • Manage the different assets pertaining to the company
  • Complete document management per person
  • Automatic calculation for full-time equivalence
  • Allocate holidays en masse and automate for resetting the pool at year end
  • Follow up different performance appraisals, training and career plans
  • Dynamically generate labour and financial reports and graphs of any kind
  • Powerful reporting and analysis (new hires, movements, terminations, employee turnover, stability, etc.)

HR Ticketing

Reduce inquiries and HR staffing needs to support employees

Cegid Meta4 PeopleNet is the only solution in the market that offers an HR ticketing system integrated into the software suite of modules available. One of the responsibilities of the HR department is to provide support for all their employees. The Cegid Meta4 PeopleNet Ticketing module gets employee support issues under control by optimizing and streamlining the service.

With this module HR has a means for closer monitoring and tracking of tickets issued for incidences reported by any of the employees in the organization. It enables monitoring of ticket history, location, follow through and resolution of all ticket management processes reported. This is automated and becomes a simple and structured workflow process itself. Controlled responsiveness and prompt resolution of ticketed issues improve the HR department’s productivity and security significantly as well as employee satisfaction.

  • Single and centralized automated ticket incidences reporting and management system
  • Integrated tracking and monitoring service to save time and increase productivity
  • Pick up, assign priority and support representative, and resolve tickets
  • Avert errors through logging processes and incidences automatically
  • Send and manage data in a secure workflow-based mode avoiding manual data handling and potential errors


Better HR service delivery to support employees efficiently and smoothly


Increase efficiency and improve productivity
between managers and employees

Employee & Manager Portal

Deliver harmonized HR policies across divisions and provide consistency across throughout your organization

The Cegid Meta4 PeopleNet Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service portals are efficient tools that improve internal communications and offers better quality service to employees, while improving ties between the company’s managers and employees.

This module offers a solution oriented to decentralizing HR administrative processes, favouring increased employee productivity and simultaneously saving costs. It enables both employees and managers to access personal and corporate information anytime anywhere.

    • Improve internal communications and offer better quality services to managers and employees alike
    • Guarantee precise and up-to-date information
    • Simplify and automate administrative processes
    • Decentralize functions
    • Facilitate the manager’s direct control of his team and retention of his best talent
    • Reduce costs and optimize talent resources
    • Increase efficiency and improve productivity
    • Become a truly virtual organization, offering products and services in the e-business world
    • Improved internal communication to enable a higher-quality service


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Why choose the
Cegid Meta4 solution?


  • End-to-end HR software
  • All people records in one system
  • Common HR policies
  • Global – local compliance

Simple Configuration

  • Designed to match your corporate brand
  • Personalised workspaces
  • Configurable processes
  • Reduced learning curve


  • Innovative interface
  • Minimal clicking
  • Auto-complete fields
  • Filters can be configured by users

Technical Support

  • Global cloud-based platform
  • Rapid software development
  • Security framework
  • Data and application back-ups

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