Count on Cloud experts in your activity

  • Des solutions métier utiles

    Relevant business solutions

  • Une expertise SaaS reconnue depuis près de 20 ans

    Nearly 2 decades of recognized SaaS expertise

  • Maîtrise du réglementaire

    Regulatory expertise


Choose Cloud experts

Cegid offers expertise across the whole Cloud chain for frictionless management: network services, infrastructures, and business applications. The Cegid Cloud is operated on a fully industrial basis. This means control of quality based on the same requirement for all, leading edge tools and methods to serve everyone’s needs.

You benefit from this industrial quality across all your projects, to develop an application ecosystem and speedily deploy new solutions; optimize your data management, create new connections or automated communications with your partners.


Multi-faceted expertise and resources to serve your performance and security


Choose experts in your business

The Cegid Cloud offers access to a whole universe of applications selected for their relevance to your business. Whether to manage your whole business with a latest-generation Cloud ERP, simplify your payroll and management of human resources, or control your finance and optimize financial management, the right solutions are available in the Cegid Cloud.

Specialized solutions for retail management or to manage all activities and administrative flows in an accountancy are also available in our business Cloud, for seamlessly integrated management of such activities.


Select experts in your regulatory environment

Our legal intelligence committee analyzes new developments in corporate and financial law, defines what those changes mean in practice, and guarantees that your solutions stay compliant. If the regulatory changes are clear, our project managers apply the updates. If there are gray areas or risks in terms of application, we contact the appropriate authorities for more details or work with them to explore how to pragmatically and operationally apply them in our products. These updates are delivered continuously and automatically in our SaaS so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are always up-to-date and error-free.

Cegid is involved in several government agency discussion groups on legal changes: GDPR, VAT fraud prevention act, accounting entries, etc.

Upgrade easily

Our specialized support is designed to facilitate and accelerate the process of migrating your data and applications to the Cegid Cloud.

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