Meta4 maintains business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic

Meta4, A Cegid company, would like to thank you for your trust and we want to assure you that we are doing our very best to maintain the quality of our services during the Covid-19 pandemic. For you to be aware of what we are doing, here are the details of all the actions we have implemented as part of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

1. Specific BCP governance measures

  • As of 3 February, a Crisis Committee led by our CEO was put into place with several members of the Executive Committee. This committee has been operating at the highest level of alert ever since 28 February 2020, proactively monitoring and managing the situation.
  • As the situation is changing constantly and to make decisions as quickly as possible, this Crisis Committee meets daily and is kept continuously informed.
  • Our decisions and actions comply with and adjust according to the recommendations issued by the governments in the countries where we operate as well as to our BCP guidelines.

2. Actions taken to anticipate and minimize risks to keep our operations running at the necessary level

> Teleworking

  • Activated even before governments issued the pandemic alert.
  • Employees are fully equipped with the required resources and tools.
  • Operations tests were conducted first in each department before this measure was activated.
  • Employees who continue in the offices due to the nature of their activities are properly protected; they do their tasks under safe conditions and with high protection.

> Our employees are regularly informed and coordinated

  • Our HR, Medical Service, Systems and Security departments keep our employees informed through regular communications.
  • Managers keep their teams informed, connected and coordinated throughout all their tasks.
  • All employees receive communications with the relevant medical instructions, and they have been facilitated channels through which they can contact the company’s Medical Service.
  • Travel has completely stopped, and it has been replaced by existing teleconferencing tools.

> We have identified the key workers needed for safeguarding the continuity of services for our customers

  • This measure mostly affects the employees in our R&D, SaaS Services, Support, Consulting and In-house Services areas together with the departments that provide support functions so that these areas can do their operations remotely.

> The organization of the SaaS areas adapts flexibly

  • 100% of our SaaS platforms are operational; the dedicated teams provide their services and perform operations entirely in remote in accordance with the established service levels.
  • This plan allows Meta4 to provide services as usual to our SaaS clients by keeping the people in the operations teams isolated and in a less risky environment.

> Our consultants are applying our internal instructions and complying with our clients’ instructions

  • Our consultants are already following Meta4 recommendations and instructions and are working remotely. We will analyse our clients’ requirements on a case-by-case basis to adapt to their needs whenever possible.

> Our R&D teams are fully operational

  • They are completely focused on updating solutions, giving priority to the updates for regular and urgent legal changes as well as for critical patches.

> Providers and partners

  • The employees of our providers and partners who are working in our offices are subject to the same measures and restrictions as our own employees.
  • The continuity plans of our infrastructure providers and our critical partners have been activated and as part of our BCP they are supervised and monitored daily.

> We keep our customers regularly informed

  • We take every step to make sure our customers are kept well informed regularly with the latest news and changes.
  • Our customers can contact Meta4 to find out more about our BCP through the usual support channels.