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Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Have you ever looked for a job in a social network? Have you ever posted on Facebook that you are looking for a work? If you are an employer … Have you ever published your company offers via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook…? There is a high  probability that you have answered yes to any of these questions, as “Social Recruiting” is already an established practice in the Human Resources departments (according to the annual study “Social Recruiting” from Jobvite, of the 1000 respondents, 92% use or plan to use social media in their selection processes).

When we speak of “social recruiting”, we are referring to two processes: the active search of “employability” profiles in social networks and the use of social platforms to post job openings in the company. But there is another aspect of “Social Recruiting” that is less talked about, but that it is also quite relevant: the “social networking”. This means asking the employees to help disseminate new job opportunities in the company in their social networks. Actually, personal contacts have always been the first way to spread a vacancy. The gradual evolution of companies like social networking and true shared knowledge communities promises a significant development of the “social networking HR world”.

Besides the obvious practical benefits, employees who find their jobs through their connections-including social networks-, are more satisfied with their jobs than those who do it through Job Boards, as shown by a study conducted by ” The A-List “(a 60% satisfaction of the first compared to the 40% of the latter). The same study also showed that the former were less likely to leave their current job (12.8% vs. 19.3% among 136 companies studied.).

Here you have an infographic showing the “social networking” applied to HR high capacity of diffusion:


Infographic by Clientelica

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Carolina Reynoso

About Carolina Reynoso

Carolina Reynoso Butron develops the Meta4 social media strategy and marketing content for each of the different markets in which the company operates: Global, France, Latin America, and Spain, among others. Her interest in continuous learning has led her to train in different disciplines at universities in Madrid, Paris and Salamanca. She holds a BA in History, Communication, MA in Multimedia Journalism, and her latest research work focused on the phenomena of "gamification".@ Carolreynoso_

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